I am passionately driven for Porsche since I was a child. Its an essential element that triggers my instinct constantly in pursuit for an adrenaline rush; a feeling that tends to revive my senses everytime I strive for an ultimate satisfation...with no compromise

'My tale of passion and obsession for Porsche and Motorsport'

Highlights of MY 'Porsche Platz'
'Platz': A German word for Place or Plaza.

This is my garage lounge area. A place where I can kick back, relax, and self indulge on the panoramic view of my Porsche Platz.

This is an example of one line showcase...
A countless collection of limited edition cast Porsche models, Porsche memorabilia, and other motorsport memorabilia displayed all over the garage.

Precious collection of autographed memorabilia of Ayrton Senna (primarily) and others...

"And so you touch this limit, something happens and you suddenly can go a little bit further. With your mind power, your determination, your instinct, and the experience as well, you can fly very high".

"If you have God on your side, everything becomes clear"
Ayrton Senna 

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Across the entire walls, a full size scale air brushed painting of my favorite vintage racebred Porsches.

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This is nooooo Porsche motorbike! :)
It's my exotic SPYDER RTS. A design color scheme that was inspired by the 917 'Gulf' Porsche that Steve Mcqueen raced with in the movie 'Le mans' in 1970.

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This is my Reproduction (a very fine replica) custom made Porsche 550 Spyder with 'James Dean' race car decals. Reviving history ;)

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today"
James dean

One of my car show participations: the First Kuwait Concours D'elegance 2010
Link to Kuwait Concours D'elegance website:

My 'Porsche Super Sport' experience at Porsche Leipzig race circuit/test track
Special gratitude to Ms Susann Altinok, Mr Matthias Hoffsuemmer,
Mr Nikolai von Prittwitz, and the entire team at Porsche Leipzig for their valued support.

"Porsche. There is no substitute"

Porsche Sport Driving School Promo film
By chance I realized that I'm in the film at approx. 1:44 minute Saying "Wunderbar" :))

My GT3 CUP driving experience at Porsche Leipzig

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My Formula one (F1) driving experience

A 'Prost F1' chasis which was raced  by the famous F1 drivers Jean Alesi and Nick Heidfeld.

Adrenaline rush at its peak!

My Formula three (F3) driving experience

'Dancing with the star'; with the 991 C4S...
Porsche Camp4
Rovaniemi, Finland

An over whelming driving experience on ice/snow at the Porsche Artic Center.

My deepest appreciation to Ms Philine Schuder, Ms Matleena Pukkila, Mr Nikolai von Prittwitz, Mr Jens Richter, and all the valued team at Porsche Camp4...
PS: Its always a pleasure to see you and share laughters with you Nikolai. You were superb!
A 911
thanks dear :)

Raceline Fuestel
With Mr. Karl-Heinz Feustel (Founder/owner)
and a great friend of mine Thomas Siemoneit by THE best handling 911 (above in blue) I have ever witnessed...PERIOD!
Seen above: between the 'best of two worlds'; Porsche 910 and 906. Yet, had the opportunity to see and touch two 917s engines, 910 engine, and a vintage RSR engine. What a feeling!
Thank you Mr. Fuestel for being a great host

My CGT and a friends' Gemballa Mirage
With Mr. Oliver Eigner from Gemballa during his visit to Kuwait
Gemballa is a German renowed tuner with more than 30 years of experience and expertise, yet regarded as one of the best exclusive Porsche tuners in the world

Some pics of my Motorsport related visit and more...
Monaco is synonymous with Formula one (F1), Its dedication to motorsport dates back to nearly eight decades.
The Monaco (Monte-Carlo) Grand Prix Circuit is recognised to be the shortest, most dangerous, and yet THE place where most pretigious motorsport races take place in the world. Named by many motorsport icons as the "Jewel of the F1 Crown"...

1991 Virginia USA
This was my first Porsche. This pic was taken 8 months after I had bought the car; a 1990 944S2 Cabrio. It was an exhilirating feeling when I first got the car to the extent I was in denial for months till I realized that it was truly MINE! :)

Precious MARVELS other than PORSCHE...

ME with the Team from W Motors in Kuwait...
The First Arabian Supercar by W Motors: The $3.4 Million 'Lykan' Hypercar (Exclusively limited to 7 cars).
It was a pleasure and yet an honor to have met Mr. Debbas (CEO/Creator) and his esteemed fellow team: 
Mr. Jannarelly (Design Director)
Mr. Fraylon (Brand & Communication Director)
Mr. Doglioli (Associate Designer) 
After been enlightened about the icon's features/design. I can assure you that I was truly stunned! - beyond what a mind can concieve and believe; ONE OF the greatest inventions of the century!
For more insights:


I had such a great quality time with you all :) Looking forward to meeting you where ever it may be :)

One of my favorite quotes that reflects on W Motors:

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” 
Harriet Tubman

Driving the Trabi in Berlin - Germany
"The name, meaning 'satellite' or 'companion' in German. It was inspired by Soviet Sputnik. The cars are often referred to as the Trabbi or Trabi.

Due to the long waiting period between ordering a Trabant and actually taking delivery (in some cases years passed as scarce materials were obtained), people who finally received one treated the car gently and were meticulous in maintaining and repairing it. The lifespan of an average Trabant was 28 years. Used Trabants would often fetch a higher price than new ones, as the former were available immediately, while the latter required the infamous long wait."

Source: Wikipedia

Geneve Motor Show 2013
With Mr Jamie Weir
Client Liaison Manager - Mclaren P1
Mclaren Automotive Limited
Headquarters - UK
This specific color was inspired by the same that of Ayrton Senna. A real distinguished color that clearly signals Mclaren's commitment/endurance...
Thank you very much Jamie for being a great host...

Me with Mr. Douglas Hogg (Designer of the 2025 Bugatti 'Aerolithe' concept model), and his father Mr. Phil Hogg during an exclusive preview of the 1935 Bugatti Type57 Aerolithe...
May all your wishes and dreams come true Douglas.

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A concise explanation:

e who is addicted to Porsches to the extent of owning one or many. Yet, one that possess a great deal of 'know how' and broad-based knowledge about anything that relates to Porsche.

"Comedian Jerry Seinfeld proclaims himself as a Porschephile" .
"Jerry Seinfeld loves Porsches. No, actually, he adores them. He craves and yearns for all of  all 46 or so of them he owns, Seinfeld the popular comedian and former star of his longtime, self -titled TV sitcom, even has a word for the disease"

Interview with Automobile magazine May 2009

Nevertheless, many more Porschephiles live and indulge on the obsession...

Welcome to MY Porschephile website

I'm a fortunate avid Porsche collector; I own several race bred Porsches, each of which is a unique and yet a modified variant.

I try to occasionaly fine tune this site in order to share my 'Porsche love affair and mystique' story with Porsche enthusiasts/community.


Eng. Yousef Fittiani
Founding member/VP Porsche Club Kuwait

 With Eng. Hans Mezger - 2006
Eng. Mezger's name is synonymous with Porsche. A former head of Porsche Motorsport division. Involved in the design and development of vintage and modern Porsche Motorsport 
and more... 

"he is of the most prolific automobile engineers of the twentieth century. Hans Mezger joined Porsche in 1956 and became a principal contributor to the Stuttgart auto manufacturer’s unmatched success over the following 37 years".

With Mr. Wayne Carini
At Porsche Concours D'elegance 2011 in Kuwait.
Mr. Wayne Carini is the host of the very popular show 'Chasing classic cars' that airs on the Discovery channel. Nevertheless, he is regarded as one of the best automotive collectors and restorers in the world.

Check out 'Chasing classic cars' Facebook:


With Dr. Frank Walliser
The over all project manager for the Porsche 918 Spyder during a VIP invitation for an exclusive preview.

A quote from Top Gear Magazine about the 918 Spyder:
"The performance headlines are this. Acceleration from 0-62mph in ‘less than three’ seconds. Zero to 125mph in a time that almost matches a Bugatti Veyron. And a Nürburgring lap time (so far verified only on Porsche’s supernaturally accurate simulators), of 7.22. That’s 10 seconds faster than the old Carrera GT."


Personally, I would NOT refer to a Carrera GT as being "old". Rather its the predecessor to the 918. It is a marvel to date and shall continue to be one...
A Porsche is never OLD. You may regard one as being older model BUT not old.
"The older it gets, the more it becomes it self"

Porsche 918 Spyder exclusive preview at Porsche Center Kuwait (Behbehani Motors)
With a dear friend Mr. Matthias Hoffsuemmer
Matthias is an official promoter/driver of the 918 Spyder for Porsche AG. Nevertheless he is a reknowed race driver/coach...
918 thanks to the entire esteemed team at Porsche Center Kuwait (Behbehani Motors) and Porsche Middle East (PME) for their valued invitations and continued support
It was a pleasure to see you all...as always :)

With the Porsche 918 Spyder and Porsche Middle East (PME) team of calibres at Bahrain International Circuit.
I had the best time of my LIFE :) Thank you all. You certainly compliment what Porsche is all about :)
Special thanks to you David and Lee for their valued invitation.

The ride of a life time...
Co-piloted the Porsche 918 Spyder with Matthias Hoffsuemmer at the Bahrain International Circuit. The 918 truly surpassed my expectation; Superb braking and handling like I have never witnessed/experienced before...ever!
After all 'Sensing is believing' to appreciate what Performance Hybrid is all about. 

ME with Clemens Schmid from Al-Nabooda racing team during Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Middle East at Bahrain international Circuit...
Congrats Clemens and Karim for winning the season finale 2012/2013 Championship. It was a pleasure :)
Thanks guys

(Rollover image with the cursor/finger)
With Mr. Dieter Landenberger
Dieter is the Chief of archive at Porsche AG, automotive historian, and has written several articles and books about Porsche. Watch his latest documentary 'Porsche Secrets'.
Great job Dieter!

Exclusive visit at the Porsche Museum Workshop
A glimpse into the ultimate Porsche Spa where all the Porsche Museum marvels are pampered.

Factory delivery of  MY 997 GT2 with my beloved father at Zuffenhausen-Stuttgart, Germany. 

Factory delivery of  MY exclusive 996 Turbo S Cabrio at Zuffenhausen-Stuttgart, Germany.

Carrera GT orientation at Porsche Leipzig, Germany 2004 

"The Carrera GT designed originally for Le Mans, this extremely low-profile, mid-engine vehicle with carbon fiber body is produced in leipzig in a deluxe series of 1270 units"


 The Royal Automobile Museum Jordan

One of the most fascinating car museums in the Middle-east region is the late King Hussein Royal Automobile Museum in Jordan. It's beyond just mere a precious car collection, it documents and yet illustrates one king's passion for cars, his milestone, and more. It really touched my heart. What I would call a 'palliasse of an auto museum'.


To truly undertand ONEs' Porsche obsession or rather what a Porsche Obsessive Disorder (POD) is all about, I would Suggest watching the following movies:
"100 Porsches and me".
"Urban outlaw" by Magnus Walker.



Porsche 'hidden secrets' of the upcoming variants being unveiled...
Sneak preview of spy shots and videos.
All you need to know about Porsche and more...



"Porsche and me"
by Hanz Mezger.
"Porsche Calendarium" 
by Anton Hunger and Dieter Landenberger.
"Porsche Sounds"
Dieter Landenberger.


Christophorus (Official Porsche magazine)
Excellence magazine
GT Porsche magazine
Total 911 magazine
Octane magazine
911 & Porsche world magazine
Classic Porsche magazine

 Geneve Motor Show 2013 with Mr and Mrs Ruf
Ruf has always been THE ultimate source for a reinvented more tunned refined 'exclusive' Porsche. Yet a facility that offers full spectrum of top notch services for all Porsches. A name that has been synonymous with Porsche for more than 40 years...
Thank you Mr and Mrs Ruf for your kind valued hospitality.
Wishing you the best of continued success.
Great cars with greater spirit...

Geneve Motor show 2013 with Gemballa
Gemballa is a premium high end company that offers tuning and modification exclusively for Porsche variants... 

With a dear friend Mr. Eigner - Sales Executive at Gemballa (Top)
With Mr. Helfer - Sales Manager at Gemballa (Bottom)

Thank you for the valued invitation and the precious gift...

Geneve Motor Show 2013
With Mr. Peter Fraschka getting more insights about the 991 GT3 and the 991 GT3 Cup

Mr. Peter Fraschka from Porsche exclusive at Porsche AG whom I have known for many years

(Rollover image with the cursor/finger)
Frankfurt Motor Show 2011
With Mr. Peter Fraschka during the official launch of the 991

(Rollover image with the cursor/finger)
Chilling out at the Porsche museum. Behind me are the 917 marvels.

(Rollover image with the cursor/finger)

Porsche Club commemorative wall at the Porsche museum celebrating 60 years of Porsche clubs worldwide 1952-2012. I am pointing at Porsche Club Kuwait with establishment ranking 212 and date of inception 18.11.2003.
In honor to this, Porsche has introduced a new limited production 991 Club coupe.

MAcarbon -
The KING of Carbon
With a dear friend of mine who is the President/owner of 'MAcarbon' Mr. John Borchelt (with the grey polo in the pic) during his visit to Kuwait few years ago. 
The best source for all customised high quality grade of Carbon Fiber accessories. Most of my Carbon customised detailed parts for all my Porsches has been sourced/supplied by 'MAcarbon'.
Quality and artistic work beyond just mere words... 


My visit to Nurburgring: The longest racing circuit in the world and yet the most dangerous with nearly 87 years of racing history.
I had an exclusive orientation and a visit to the entire facility including the VIP paddock, winners podium, media rooms, garages, and lots more. Nevertheless, staying over at Dorint Nurburgring hotel which overlooks the F1 segment of the
circuit...a very unique experience.


The obsession does NOT end with me. Even my pets inherited their names from Porsche

I am a pretty Macaw. Many say that I resemble the logo of the renowned German auto paint company "Glasurit" :)
My name is "CARRERA" and my tiny friend in the cage beneath me. his name is "CAYMAN"...We love Porsches!

I am a Sphynx cat; a unique exotic cat.
I am quick and thats why I was named "SPYDER".

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